6L AstroAI Mini Fridge: Cooler/Warmer for Travel/Bedrooms/Car

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  • Convenient 6L Capacity: Its internal dimensions are 13*14*25cm. With the included shelf, it can store up to 8*330ml cans. With the shelf removed, it stores up to 8*355ml cans or 4*550ml water bottles. Use the mini fridge to handily store and cool small items like makeup, skincare products, snacks and more.
  • Cool and Warm Modes: On cool mode, the inner temperature can cool 18°C-22°C below the ambient temperature. Unlike kitchen refrigerators, the mini fridge uses a cooling chip and does not contain a compressor or any refrigerant, making it incapable of freezing. Its cooling capacity depends on the ambient temperature. The mini fridge needs to be continuously powered to cool. To ensure consistent cooling, avoid frequently opening the door. Warming mode warms up to 66°C.
  • Detail Orientation: The tight door latch provides excellent sealing and thermal insulation while keeping your items securely inside. The fridge includes silicone footpads that prevent slippage. The hidden hinge design makes the mini fridge easier to handle and minimizes scratching. Its removable water catch prevents leaking and drippage of condensed water. NOTE: When closing the door, press and hold the door handle until it is fully closed.
  • Multiple Power Options: Includes 2 power cords, 1 AC and 1 DC. Use the 230V AC power lead for easy use with home, office outlets. Use the 12V DC power lead with a car cigarette lighter for convenient use on the go. NOTE: To ensure the safety of electricity, this product is only used in countries and regions with 230V voltage.
  • Practical and stylish: The mini fridge has a futuristic aesthetic, plenty of features, and a low-noise system. The upgraded AstroAI 6L 2.0 skincare fridge is the first choice for bedrooms, offices, trips, and more. The AstroAI 6L 2.0 Mini Fridge won a 2022 International Design Excellence Award for excellent product design and scientific/technological innovation.

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