198ltr White Chest Freezer with Built-in Hinges and Basket

Store Plenty of Frozen Goods with this Spacious 198ltr White Chest Freezer, Equipped with Convenient Built-in Hinges and Basket

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4.25 out of 5 stars

160 reviews

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The 198ltr White Chest Freezer is a spacious and energy-efficient appliance that comes with built-in hinges and a basket for easy storage. It is perfect for households that require additional freezer space to store frozen food items.

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Additional Product Details

  • Warranty. Adjustable Thermostat. Low Noise Operation. Built-in Hinges. Defrost Drain. Easy to Clean Interior. Energy Efficient. Removable Basket. Compact Design. Perfect for Small Spaces. Spacious Storage. Reliable Performance. Affordable Price. Convenient Operation. Ideal for Stocking Up. Versatile Use

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